Get to know Dealbot

Just enough automation to make your sales and outreach teams sing.

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What is Dealbot?

Dealbot hooks into Pipedrive and applies cadences to Deals when they hit certain stages. It’s a very lightweight approach to sales automation.

How is that different from SalesLoft, Outreach, etc.?

Those tools are way more powerful than Dealbot. Sometimes you don’t need much. Plus you can’t beat the price!

Why Pipedrive?

We’ve tried many CRM tools at Faraday, and for our purposes, Pipedrive was the best. We’ve been known to call it the “Faraday of CRM”: it’s visual, intuitive, and honestly fun to use. Dragging a deal to the next stage just feels good when you find the right lead or get asked for a proposal.

But why not Salesforce?

Salesforce is an incredible platform, but ultimately way more than we need for our 5-person sales team. With enough investment, you could turn your Salesforce instance into a personal Pipedrive and then some.

How can I help?

Thanks for asking!

  • If you’ve put together a cadence you’d like to share, please contribute it to the Dealbot Cadence Library.

  • If you’re a sales professional that wants to help define the universal language for cadences, please join us at the CadenceML project.

  • Finally, if you’re a developer looking to add new functionality to the Dealbot system, you can find the code on GitHub at dealbot/dealbot.

Working for Faraday

This is a side project for us, but we’re always looking for people to help with the main event. If you love using software to make complex workflows more efficient and simple at the same time, please get in touch. The best way to reach our technical team is to contribute to our Faraday or Dealbot open-source work!

Who’s behind this?

We’re Faraday, the customer data platform. We’re like your CRM’s new best friend. Use maps, analysis, data, and predictions to work smarter, from engagement to prospecting and beyond.

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